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Les Schini's "Le petit vieux" (Frankreich)

Les Schini's
Les Schini's

Schülerperformance Anmeldung unter info@tanzherbst-kempten.de oder 0831-23582

Leitung, Choreografie und Tanz MELODIE CECCHINI, GAETAN BOSCHINI

Dauer: ca 60 min

Le petit vieux is the stage creation and continuation of the short dance film NIVETTE, the company's first project. We discover two characters playing with the apriori and prejudices of what old age represents today. This second part entitled LE PETIT VIEUX is a 50-minute stage duo. It features our two characters from different generations, who intertwine their stories to make visible the forgotten dialogue between youth and old age. Always with humour and poetry, renew the link between "young and old" and give everyone a place in the evolution of the other. We deepen the notion of transmission and intragenerational link.

The excerpt presented at the Kempten theatre, features one of the protagonists of the play LE PETIT VIEUX. A zany character with a beret and a dancing cane, who sells us a much more jovial reality of old age. Her fragility goes hand in hand with her enthusiasm and her nostalgia for her dynamism. It embraces us in its history, its experience, which will make it disappear under the face of memory itself. This face is represented by a neutral mask designed during a workshop with Karine Galornie of Juste Apres and which allows us to represent the impact of memory in the present moment. The memory will give way to our little old man who continues his story from war to celebration... Everything was necessary to live.

Les Schini’s They are also found in the POLITICAL MOTHER project, made in Girona and led by the company Hofesh SHECHTER in 2016. Motivated by the same artistic desires, they decided in 2017 to co-create the association LES SCHINI'S to set up their project and unite their experiences.

They quickly produced their first artistic project NIVETTE in October 2017. A short dance film featuring a young woman and an elderly man who plays with the apriori, clichés and fears that old age represents. As an international project, they are surrounded by a Spanish and French artistic team. The filming and directing will be done in Barcelona. Since July 2018 - end date of production - NIVETTE is in the process of being presented in numerous international video-dance festivals and competitions (Mexico, England, Italy, USA...).

Winner and winner of many awards, it becomes the support the company needs to create its next choreographic piece LE PETIT VIEUX. Preview on May 24, 2019 in Royan, (France) International premiere on October 17, 2019 in the city of Kempten, Germany.

On this dynamic, wishing to be in the transmission, the cultural and social action, the company prepares the project: POLIMENT for 2019 - 2020. "In the process of being written but already included in a European exchange project run from Munich.“

Stadttheater Kempten
Donnerstag 17.10.2019, 11:00 Uhr
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