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FÄLLT AUS! Technique Les Schini's (M/F)

22. Oktober // 13:15 - 16:15 Uhr // 42€ / 28€ erm.

  • 42€ / 28€ erm.
  • Salzstraße


Technique Les Schini's mit Melodie Cecchini und Gaëtan Boschini. Erfahrungsstufe: Mittelstufe - Fortgeschrittene Technique Les Schini's mit Melodie Cecchini + Gaetan Boschini. The workshop is divided into three stages to bring the participant to explore the physical and emotional universe developed by Mélodie & Gaëtan through contemporary dance and movement theatre. 1. In the first stage we propose a guided improvisational journey that will allow the dancer to connect to the body and mind (his own and the group's). This first stage will take us gently into the universe that we will develop in the next two stages. 2. Then will come the moment to play with emotions, kitsch and the work of facial expression that melody cultivates in everyday life. Alone or in a group it will bring you through play, rhythm, humour and emotions in a free and uncomplicated movement. 3. To finish with the mask work that the company works on in its creations, under the impulse of Gaëtan. The first two stages "with face uncovered" will allow us to really enter into a quality of body full of meaning and control. The neutral mask will come to life in front of and through you. The workshop is open to all levels and practitioners of the art of movement. All the exercises are done so that everyone can express themselves with their own means. Guide in the kindness and energy of Mélodie Cecchini and Gaëtan Boschini. To those who want to escape, perform in a different way or simply curious to discover the universe of the company LES SCHINI'S. Mélodie is a dancer, choreographer and an observer of gestures, bodies and situations. Gaëtan is a dancer, choreographer and initiator of ideas, encounters and movements.

Bevorstehende Sessions

Umbuchung & Kündigung

Stornierungen Ihrerseits sind bis 7 Tage vor Workshopbeginn möglich. Eine Anmeldegebühr in Höhe von 10,- Euro wird aber in jedem Fall als Stornogebühr einbehalten. Bei späterem Storno wird die gesamte Workshopgebühr einbehalten. Die Kurse finden nur bei einer Mindestteilnehmerzahl statt.


  • Salzstraße 29, Kempten (Allgäu), Deutschland


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