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The Space In Between (x)

23. Oktober // 12:00 - 15:00 Uhr // 42€ / 28€ erm.

  • 42€ / 28€ erm.
  • Salzstraße


The Space In Between (improvisation dance workshop) mit Anna Katalin Nemeth. Erfahrungsstufe: offen für alle “Moving by necessity, with trust risk and presence” Giving the possibility for personal and groupal reflection - through the language of movement and dance - on the therm of interconnectedness - of ”Interbeing”. Starting from the most intuitive place, from the body, reflecting on our inner truths, perceptions, actions and reactions in relation to various questions regarding environment, humanity and human relationships. The practice is very playful, and it invites us to work with the energy and the focus of abundance. At the beginning of each session we will work with simple movement exercises – including breath work, chi visualization and energy guiding - inspired and routed in different martial art practices and active meditation. Dancing and moving with our breath we “come home to ourselves”, experiment and experience how we communicate without words, how can we deeply listen with our bodies and how space, time. action and non-action interrelate in the present moment in improvisation.

Bevorstehende Sessions

Umbuchung & Kündigung

Stornierungen Ihrerseits sind bis 7 Tage vor Workshopbeginn möglich. Eine Anmeldegebühr in Höhe von 10,- Euro wird aber in jedem Fall als Stornogebühr einbehalten. Bei späterem Storno wird die gesamte Workshopgebühr einbehalten. Die Kurse finden nur bei einer Mindestteilnehmerzahl statt.


  • Salzstraße 29, Kempten (Allgäu), Deutschland

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