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Sa. 19.10.2024 | 20:00

Stadttheater (Großes Haus)

Preis: 7,50 – 36 EUR


Tamir Ginz 



Avi Belleli  


Kostüme und Bühne

Aviad Herman


Shay Yehudai. 


65 Minuten (keine Pause) 

Unterstützt durch

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Culture and Sports, to the city of Beer-Sheva




Kamea Dance Company (Israel)

Die Kamea Dance Company (Israel) bringt mit 14 Tänzer:innen die neueste Kreation ihres künstlerischen Leiters Tamir Ginz auf die Bühne: Eine surreale Fantasie des Tagträumens auf der Suche nach Glück, die durch verborgene Hoffnungen, Leidenschaften, persönliche Erinnerungen, unerreichbare Fantasien und Liebe führt. WILD AWAKE ist ein Abenteuer des Eskapismus, gesteuert von einem bewussten Gedankenstrom, der sich nach Optimismus sehnt.


„Eine spektakuläre, aufregende, überraschende Show, die mich und das Publikum sprachlos gemacht hat..." Nira Perry - Salona 


"Am Ende der Show, als ich die Treppe zum Ausgang hinaufging, wurde mir plötzlich klar, wie stark die Show war, und mein Herz begann vor Aufregung heftig zu schlagen. Ich musste meinen Atem und die Tränen, die mir in die Augen stiegen, unter Kontrolle halten..." Naama Moshiach Cohen -mokasini


"Watching the show is experienced as a meditative experience: the combination of the lighting, the amazing music of Avi Belelli who mixed sounds from different genres (from church music to trance), this alongside the incredible virtuosity of the dancers which is without a doubt a song of praise for the human body.“ Beer Sheva time

Kamea Dance Company

Kamea Dance Company is the “lucky charm” of Israeli dance. Artistic director and house-choreographer Tamir Ginz leads the company with a strong vision of passion, connection and artistry that has captured enthusiastic audiences worldwide for the last two decades.


The company is recognized for its unique style that combines strong dramatic themes and intense virtuosic movement. Ginz creates a richly layered world in his colourful and expressive choreography.

Kamea is a home to 24 versatile and passionate dancers, Israelis side by side with dancers from all over the world, with unique personalities who bring their creative talent to the works.

Based in Beer Sheva, the capital of the Negev, Kamea tours extensively in Israel and abroad whilst enjoying acclaim from audiences and critics alike.


The rich repertoire includes works by internationally renowned guest choreographers.

Given that the company sees it as a mission to offer cultural opportunities to a wide array of public, Kamea is also devoted to raising a young audience with special shows geared to youth.  Moreover, the company holds educational projects and workshops in schools, dance departments and studios throughout Israel.


Kamea works alongside with the Bat-Dor Beer-Sheva Municipal Dance Center, the largest professional dance school in Israel that has trained the initial core of the Company’s dancers.

Kamea was founded in 2002 following the joint initiative of Daniella Schapira, at the time director of Bat Dor Beer Sheva and choreographer Tamir Ginz as the resident company of the Bat-Dor Beer Sheva Dance Center.


Kamea – A lucky charm, an amulet in Hebrew.

Tamir Ginz

After completing his dance training In Israel and abroad, Tamir Ginz performed with the Haifa Ballet, and was a dancer in the Batsheva Dance Company under the artistic direction of Ohad Naharin (1991-1992).

Ginz was the resident choreographer for the Bat-Dor Dance Company in Tel-Aviv and the main contemporary dance teacher in the Bat – Dor studios of Dance (1991-2001). His first creation for Bat-Dor, Platform 1, won him the 1997 Albert Gaubier award for choreography in Denmark. 


In 2002 he left Bat-Dor Tel-Aviv to establish KAMEA Dance Company with Daniella Schapira.

Ginz 'work combines an intriguing dance movement style and a personal statement that produce strong dramatic pieces. His works moved audiences worldwide: France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Ecuador, Panama, India, Cyprus, Lithuania, Turkey, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Portugal, China and more...

Ginz returned to the stage to dance with Kamea in “Secret Garden” and “Limelight”.

Ginz won a B.A. degree in English Linguistics and Literature and Sociology from The Haifa University and A teaching diploma for dance from The Kibbutz State Seminar College. Ginz taught contemporary dance in many of Israel's leading schools, He was the founder and director of the dance department at the “Blich High School” in Ramat-Gan (1997-2013). 

Ginz won the award of The Israeli Ministry of Culture’s outstanding “Zionist” creativity in Arts, in the field of dance, 2014 & 2015.

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